Vascular Access Innovation


Ebnet Medical - Ebnet PIVC
Prototyp (nicht für den Patientengebrauch)

Designed for safe and accurate access to blood vessels for 1st puncture success and reduced complications in the future.

Controlled catheter advancement with needle held in stable position for very precise catheter placement.

Needle tip covered by catheter after vein entry for prevention of potential vein wall injuries.

Advance mechanism for optimal visual, tactile and acoustic control for correct catheter application.

Control and protection box enabling stable one-handed operation to avoid multiple touches at punction site for infection prophylaxis.

Slot on catheter hub allows increased catheter mobility preventing the catheter from kinking and enabling uninterrupted flow of life-saving medication.

Ultrasound can be used consistently with free second hand for optimal ultrasound-guided punctures.

Improved fixation wings for optimal fixation on the skin and longer application time.

Can be combined with Ebnet Medical fixation components, designed for reliable fixation of catheters to the skin.

(Under development. Not yet available on the market. Not yet for patient use. A positive correlation between technical features and beneficial outcomes has to be proven in studies.)


(for illustration purposes only, under development, not yet for patient use)

Skin Puncture

Activation of Advance Mechanism

Advancement of stable catheter-needle unit in final position

Vein Puncture

Controlled catheter advancement without moving the needle

Needle Removal



Betätigung des Vorschubmechanismus

Kontrollierter Kathetervorschub ohne Bewegung der Nadel

Vorschub der stabilen Katheter-Nadeleinheit in Endposition

Entfernung der Nadel

PIVC herkömmliches Verfahren

Skin Puncture

Catheter advancement with manual PIVC stabilization

Catheter in final position

Vein Puncture

Needle retraction with manual PIVC stabilization

Needle Removal



Kathetervorschub unter manueller Stabilisierung der Venenverweilkanüle

Nadelrückzug unter manueller Stabilisierung der Venenverweilkanüle

Katheter in Endposition

Entfernung der Nadel