Open Innovation

Together, we are more innovative.

Innovation gives a path towards improving routine medical care for patients. Every medical expert has their own excellent ideas for new products and improvements in the field of medical technologies. Every one of us notices inefficiencies every day as we work in medicine. However, most of us lack the time or the resources to follow up on these ideas and develop concrete solutions.

This is where we come in: if you have ideas for new solutions or improvements to existing products, please contact us with confidence. Don’t hesitate to contact us even if you have identified a problem but have not yet found an answer. We can work together to discover the solution.

Respect for the intellectual property of others goes without saying. We are a new company; together, we can define the forms of trust and collaboration that suit us. 

Our ambition is to build a cooperative, long-term partnership between you and us that will ultimately make medicine a little bit better – medical technology inspired by practice, designed for practice, from one practitioner to another.

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