Vascular Access Innovation


Designed for safe and accurate multi-lumen high-flow access to larger blood vessels without assistance or guidewire for 1st  puncture success and reduced complications in the future.

Further development of well-known Seldinger Guidewire Technique: Designed without guidewire for safe handling even in the most challenging environments and extremely time-critical situations, e.g. massive hemorrhage in the field. 

Combines all essential components without having to put them together for low procedural complexity, significant costs savings and less waste in the future. 

Straightforward handling for maximum control in situations where classical Seldinger Technique could be beneficial but is rarely used due to high complexity and limited space, e.g. in helicopter missions. 

Compact design with catheter protection sleeve without free catheter outside the body for optimal catheter handling and infection prophylaxis.

Developed for future extension of treatment options in emergency and tactical medicine as well as in clinical settings, e.g. acute dialysis. 

Can be combined with Ebnet Medical fixation components, designed for reliable fixation of catheters to the skin.

(Under development. Not yet available on the market. Not yet for patient use. A positive correlation between technical features and beneficial outcomes has to be proven in studies.)