Ebnet PIVC – Peripheral Intravenous Catheter

For significant reduction of frequent, severe & costly complications

Insertion of the catheter into the vein

"… The survivorship of peripheral intravenous catheters (PIVCs) placed in hospitalized patients is shockingly poor and leads to frequent reinsertions... " (5)

Peripheral Intravenous Catheters (PIVCs) 

PIVC application = most common invasive hospital procedure. Up to 90% of hospitalized patients receive a PIVC. (1)
1st attempt insertion fails in up to 26% of adults and​ up to 54% of children. (2) 

From insertion to removal, vascular access devices could see > 200 touches. (3)

Up to 50% of PIVCs do not reach their targeted dwell time. (4)

Patients frequently experience pain. Children can be traumatized making future care more difficult and costly lifelong.

Ebnet Medical, founded by an active M.D., focusses on urgently needed improvements in vascular access.

Background & Pain
PIVC (Peripheral Intravenous Catheter) application is the most common invasive hospital procedure. Failure rate is very high. Children and vulnerable patients are particularly affected without breakthrough solution.

Economic Impact
Savings for 200-bed hospitals ~ $ 1M annually, $ 45K per bloodstream infection, burden might be understated.

Ebnet PIVC overcomes most relevant weaknesses of conventional PIVCs. Smart technical complexity will make the technology accessible and manufacturable.

Vascular Access Care Continuum
Disruptive platform technology for the vascular access care continuum: 1) Increased rate of 1st attempt insertion, 2) Increased indwelling time, 3) Safer fixation to the skin.

Intellectual Property
Total of 11 main patents applications (partially granted), based on highly relevant clinical needs. IP portfolio again significantly strengthened by 2 patent applications in August 2022.

Project Progress
First milestones completed: Minimal Viable Products tested in first animal study in August/September 2022; Completion of technical and quality management development Q1/2023; Product launch Q4/2025 (EU, US).

Market (aktuellere Daten wohl hier: Peripheral Intravenous Catheters Market Size & Forecast | FMI (futuremarketinsights.com)
≥ 2 B PIVCs sold per year, Total Addressable Market (TAM) in 2020 ≥ US $ 4 B; Serviceable Available Market (SAM) = ~33% of TAM; Potential sales of Ebnet PIVC in high income markets 7 years post launch ≥ € 90M.

Investment Opportunity
Total investment of € 6 M to product launch (incl. evidence generation study), project value (NPV)
in 2022 € 35 M; Several options for collaboration with leading MedTech players.

The Presentation

Presentation reflects current project status and is made  to the best of our knowledge and belief. Inevitably it is necessary to use assumptions and projections related to an uncertain future. There is no guarantee that these assumptions and projections will come true. A positive correlation between Ebnet PIVC and beneficial 

outcomes has to be proven in studies. 

Information of this presentation property of Ebnet Medical if not otherwise stated. 


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